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Roden bringing public safety values to Capitol


LABADIE, Mo. – Representative-elect Shane Roden (R-Hillsboro) is a firefighter and paramedic at Lake Ozark Fire Protection District, Osage Beach Fire District, and the Boles Fire Protection District, as well as a deputy sheriff for Camden County and he plans to take his knack for service to Jefferson City in January. Roden was elected in a nailbiting victory against Democrat incumbent Rep. Michael Frame to serve the 111th House District.

In addition to his duties with the fire protection district, Roden enjoys volunteering with the Civil Air Patrol and assisting commemorative veterans services.

A mail piece picture from his involvement with the Civil Air Patrol attracted some drama from his primary opponent who believed the picture intentionally misled voters into thinking he was a veteran, but it clearly did not deter voters.

Lit piece
Lit piece

“Once people understood the story…it’s a shame that we have to go back to being the generation of putting a disclosure on everything.,” Roden said.

Roden took a hint from Rep. Paul Curtman’s election in 2010 that the winds of Jefferson County were changing. Curtman was the first Republican elected in the Jefferson County area in recent history. Outgoing Rep. Michael Frame was elected back to the House after redistricting and Roden believed his own election could be possible.

“The right, independent-minded person can really accomplish the job and get elected in [Jefferson County],” Roden said. “People, I think, are tired of the career politicians.”

The Frame-Roden race was a true toss up. Roden attributes his success to hard work and traditional campaigning.

Missouri's 111th House District
Missouri’s 111th House District

“I went out and knocked doors, every day for the last two months,” Roden said. “I went out and talked to people and asked about what kinds of concerns they had. Each one of those people now has my cell phone number.”

Roden has concerns regarding the state budget and spending that he hopes to work on come January. He told The Missouri Times that he hopes to see the budget done earlier this year and he hopes to find ways to cut spending.

Further, the avid volunteer is a union member and plans to stand up for unions at the Capitol.

Roden with his wife
Roden with his wife

Roden studied fire science management at Lindenwood University and went onto earn his Master’s of Public Service from Arkansas State University. He and his wife reside in Cedar Hill.