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Patriot, the bald eagle, visits Capitol


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – As a part of conservation lobby day at the Missouri Capitol, a bald eagle named Patriot from the World Bird Sanctuary near St. Louis visited, allowing photo opportunities and education for legislators, lobbyists, and guests in the rotunda.

PatriotWhen Patriot was a hatchling living in Pike County, Missouri, her nest fell into the Mississippi River. She was treated for pneumonia and other lung problems which would have made it impossible for her to survive in the wild. She was nursed back to health by Joe Hoffman (pictured above), now the sanctuary manager, and the rest of the team at the sanctuary, despite the fact that she technically died five times due to her injuries.

Now 22 years old, Patriot serves as a mascot for the World Bird Sanctuary, which seeks to protect threatened and endangered birds, mostly raptors, as well as some reptiles and mammals.

Patriot is one of 18 eagles at the sanctuary.