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Schmitt wins Senate race in landslide

St. Louis, Mo. — Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt has been elected to represent the State of Missouri in the United States Senate.

Everything once again fell into place for the Attorney General. Schmitt has had a consistent message that he was “not from billions, he was from Bridgeton”, which clearly resonated with Missourians.  

He was the front-runner after securing the Republican nomination back in the August primary election, which was arguably the tougher of the two elections. 

His Democratic opponent Trudy Busch-Valentine also ran a good campaign and put up a fight for the Democratic party including contributing millions of her own money to the race. 

Polls in the last weeks leading up to election night reliably gave Schmitt a significantly large lead over Busch-Valentine, as if there was a reason to think otherwise. 

Schmitt’s persistent, and sometimes controversial lawsuits against fellow Missourians rallied his base and grew support for his campaign, though some did not agree with this tactic. 

The Attorney General will go on to replace the retiring Senator Roy Blunt and join Republican Senator Josh Hawley, who defeated Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill in 2019, who had served in the Senate for over a decade.