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Fitzpatrick wins State Auditor race

Jefferson City, Mo. — Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick has been elected as Missouri’s State Auditor. Fitzpatrick won handily over his Democratic opponent.

Fitzpatrick will replace current State Auditor Nicole Galloway. As State Auditor, Galloway was the only Democrat to hold statewide office. She opted not to run for reelection this year.

Fitzpatrick defeated Dr. Alan Green, a former State Rep. who served House District 67 for seven years. Dr. Green also worked in various other government and private positions.

Fitzpatrick defeated Rep. David Gregory by almost 30 points in the Republican primary back in August.

Fitzpatrick is no stranger to state government, as he has served as Missouri’s State Treasurer since 2019. Fitzpatrick also served in the House, representing House District 158 for six years. Fitzpatrick was also House Budget Chairman during his tenure in the House.

The State Auditor position has come under the spotlight in the last few years. After the COVID-19 pandemic, a large influx of federal aid money has made its way into the hands of Missouri’s numerous county governments as well as state institutions. The workload of the State Auditor has only increased as time has gone on.