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State Budget Director to retire

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Linda Luebbering, who has served as State Budget Director since 2009, is retiring from state government in August.

Dan Haug, Director of the Administrative Services Division at the Missouri Department of Mental Health will serve as acting budget director in until a replacement is announced. Luebbering has served as a staple of the annual budget process for years, serving as Gov. Jay Nixon’s point man when he presents his budget proposal to the legislature.

She’s also been helpful in other battles. Nixon has trotted out Luebbering more than once to lament the dangers of various Republican tax cut proposals. Nixon is also losing a winning face for him in the media. Luebbering — with an office just down the hall from the capitol press corps and a reputation as easily accessible — is popular among state government reporters and local press.

“A public servant who matches her unwavering integrity and intellect with patience and professionalism – Linda Luebbering has been an invaluable asset to this administration and to all the people of Missouri,” Gov. Nixon said. “What sets Linda apart is her deep understanding of policy, and the very human impact budgets and policies have on the people and communities we serve.”

It’s unclear whether Haug or someone yet-to-be-named as a permanent replacement will take over Luebbering’s role next fall and winter as both the private and public face of Nixon’s budget priorities.