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Steinmetz headed to Statehouse Strategies


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – When it came to hiring the next member to join Statehouse Strategies, LLC, the powerhouse lobbying firm decided to go with tried and true experience.

The newest member will be longtime lobbyist Ginger Steinmetz.

“I’ve known and worked with the guys at Statehouse on a number of issues for several years,” she said. “We’ve been great friends, and with the exit of Schwartze, they needed some extra help, and we came to a mutual agreement. They’re well-respected, and they’re serious about their work, but not too serious. They’ve always been honest and upfront with legislators and clients.”


Steinmetz comes to Statehouse with 29 years of lobbying experience, representing clients on a vast variety of issues from agriculture, education, healthcare, and transportation.

In addition to that, she’s been a strong lobbyist for state parks, and the clients she has worked for in that arena will follow her to the new job, which she begins on Nov. 1. She’ll also be using her experience working with state budget issues.

She’s also worked in state government twice, once lobbying on behalf of the Governor’s Office for the late Gov. Mel Carnahan and again as the legislative director for former Attorney General Chris Koster.

One of her claims to fame was playing a significant role in putting together the extremely effective dog breeding regulation bill in 2011, now known as the “Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act.”

Steinmetz’s career in Missouri’s political realm began shortly after graduating from high school and started with the Missouri Electric Cooperatives Association, where she stayed for 10 years lobbying, managing associations and PACs and directing publications.

During her time as a lobbyist, she has earned the respect of many legislators and lobbyists and developed strong relationships with members of both parties. When people speak of Steinmetz, they tend to note both her strong work ethic and integrity. In fact, she was recently named to the Missouri Times 100 List for those same traits.

“A lot of lobbyists know politics inside and out – Steinmetz is definitely one of them. She’s one of the most sought-after lobbyists to partner with on issues, and is very well liked on both sides of the aisle because of her reputation for honesty and ability to bring people to the table.” – The Missouri Times, The 100 List 2017

She says that over the course of her career, many things have changed, even lobbying. She says that the key to lobbying is building relationships.

“If you get on the right foot with legislators when they come in, it’s relatively easy. But in the realm of term limits, you have to prove yourself even more. You have to prove that you’re honest and let them know where you come from and how you operate, and then it becomes a little easier.”

She says it’s her hope to continue building and making those relationships and working to the best of her abilities.