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This Week in #MOGOV: Lawyers for Eigel vs. Business for Kehoe

The cavalry has finally arrived for Eigel in the form of an army of lawyers, checks in hand. It’s kinda like the Warren Zevon song: Lawyers, Guns and Money. Eigel has always had the message that republicans love to hear. Specifically burn it all down. Now he has some money to spread that message. 

That money comes as a huge boost to Eigel as he was trailing badly in the Emerson College poll at 6%. There was a long over $5,000 fundraising drought for Eigel until the $100,000 check from a trial lawyer group, followed by a wave of attorney contributions totalling $445,000. The contributions coincide with Eigel going up on tv with his first ad standing in front of a farm attacking Washington, the trans movement, and outlining his support for guns. 

There were high fives all around the Kehoe campaign after the Emerson College poll showed that after three years of nonstop campaigning he has finally pulled to within the margin of error of Ashcroft 23% to 20% with Eigel a distant third at 6%. There is no coincidence that after this poll became public both Eigel and Ashcroft debuted new ads. 

While Eigel won the fundraising week, Kehoe raised $321,000 this week on the strength of a lengthy list of the business community that you can see below. He has also kept racking up endorsements, the Missouri Hospital Association has endorsed Kehoe. You can find our story on the endorsement here. Also the Missouri Sheriff’s Association gave an endorsement as well. 

This week Mike Kehoe visited Stoddard County, welcomed by the Bank of Advance. He also visited Henry County, Higginsville, Lafayette, and Clinton speaking to supporters. Touring the Northland, the Kehoe bus stopped by Andrew County, and then headed out west to knock on doors with Kansas City Fraternal Order of Police in Clay County.

The Ashcroft campaign has made its way to Douglas County, Springfield, as well as Brooks Brothers Trailer and Equipment in Troy. The tour didn’t stop there, Ashcroft continued on to Pettis County to visit the local Republican Committee. He also stopped by Bolivar, Douglas County, Lake Ozark, Fulton, and Clever. Jay Ashcroft has made it his goal to eliminate income tax. Taking action on radioactive waste, Ashcroft was joined by Just Moms STL as they put up their own radioactive warning sign. However, it’s not a good sign for Ashcroft when Eigel is garnering steam. 

Contributions over $5,000 This Week 

Kehoe: $321,300

Ashcroft: $35,855

Bill Eigel: $445,000


American Dream PAC (Kehoe)

Patrick Murphy: $5,650

Kevin Mainord: $7,500

Richard Arnoldy: $10,000

John O’Connell: $10,000

United Scripts: $7,000

Pool King Enterprises: $7,000

Midwest Long Term Care: $15,000

David Hogan: $10,000

Richard Miller: $50,000

Taxpayers Unlimited: $25,000

MBL Development: $10,000

Matthew Lowe: $7,500

POL PAC: $6,000

JE Dunn Construction: $10,000

Justin Akin: $5,650

Evergy Metro Inc: $100,000

Commerce Bancshares: $10,000

Robert Blitz: $10,000

Promontory 150: $15,000


Committee for Liberty PAC (Ashcroft)

Thomas Walsh: $25,000

AnnMarie Kerr: $5,650

Henry Elster: $5,205


Believe in Life and Liberty (BILL) PAC

Trial Lawyers for Justice: $100,000

Gorny Dandurand: $10,000

DM Law Shared Services: $30,000

The Simon Law Firm: $20,000

Dollar Burns Becker and Hershewe: $25,000

Edelman and Thompson: $50,000

Shamberg Johnson and Bergman: $10,000

O’Leary Shelton Corrigan Peters Dalton and Quillin: $10,000

Donald L Schlapprizzi: $15,000

Cook Barkett Ponder and Wolz: $10,000

Langdon and Emison: $20,000

Strong Law: $10,000

Brown and Crouppen: $15,000

Cordell Law: $20,000

Joan Langenberg: $100,000