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This Week in the #MOGOV

The Ashcroft campaign has shifted into high gear as Jay Ashcroft moves around the state working to fulfill his pledge to visit all 114 counties in the great state of Missouri. This past weekend, the Secretary of State traveled from Hannibal, all the way to Springfield to speak with voters. Ashcroft also attended the Liberty Rally, hosted by the Taney and Stone County Republican Central Committees. And then there was the picture on that camel….

His twitter account has kicked his messaging into high gear as he is on the attack against Kehoe. It makes sense as now Kehoe has been up in some markets for several weeks and Ashcroft is looking at least a couple more weeks until he can get up in a meaningful way. 

It’s ridiculous how many places Mike Kehoe makes it to in a week. The Lt. Governor has also gone mobile from the bus tour, making radio show appearances on KRMSradio, 1310 KZRG, and 933 KWTO. Last Friday, Mike Kehoe drew over two hundred women at the Women for Kehoe event in Springfield. The event featured a speech from First Lady Teresa Parson. He also raked in $157,275 in over $5,000 contributions this week and personally loaned his campaign $25,000. You can see the itemized over $5,000 contributions below. 

On Saturday, Mike Kehoe came through the Lake of the Ozarks and met with the FOP and the Firefighters both were early endorsers. He ended the week at the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association Steak Fry. They were the first ag group to endorse Kehoe and packed in over 700 folks, most all of whom are Kehoe folks. Governor Parson all but officially endorsed Kehoe in his last speech to the group as Governor. You can watch a livestream of the Steak Fry here

Senator Eigel has also hit the road campaigning across the state. Eigel made several stops in the past few days to Chillicothe, St. Genevieve, Troy, and Perryville. The Senator is also picking up support from the Real Women for Eigel Coalition. Eigel has very intelligently put together a large collection of coalitions and groups with varying names but whose primary purpose in ‘24 is to elect him governor. 

Contributions over $5,000 This Week 

Kehoe: $157,275

Ashcroft: $0

Bill Eigel: $0

American Dream PAC (Kehoe)

Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri Local 2665 – $15,000


Michael Haverty $5,650

Baker Implement Company – $25,000

Martin Grain Company – $25,000

KC BIZPAC – $11,625

McLarty Automotive Group – $25,000

*Kehoe also loaned his campaign $25,000