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Opinion: We need true conservatives in Congress


When I first decided to run for office, I did so because I found myself troubled by the lack of true conservative elected officials who were willing to stand up and fight for our values. These Republicans would talk a big game at home, but then come Monday morning, fly out to Washington, D.C., and vote like Democrats. 

State Sen. Mike Moon

These Republicans would say to me, “Mike, you don’t understand how it works,” or “Mike, I have to vote for the spending bill or leadership will never let me become a committee chairman.”

I kept thinking to myself: There are 435 members of Congress, and we only have a handful of congressmen who truly care about defending the constitution more than protecting their own careers. Too many members of Congress are there simply to play the game to help themselves when they were really elected to uphold conservative principles.

When Donald Trump was elected president, he did a great job getting the Republicans in Washington on board with his America First Agenda, but there were some growing pains since most of them didn’t have a spine in the first place!

Fast forward to today, we’re still facing the same old problems and some new ones. Is Congress going to increase the debt ceiling again? Do we have a plan to pay down the $27 trillion in debt? Are we going to bring our troops home? Will we restore trust in our election system? Lastly, will we protect the Judeo-Christian value system on which our country was founded? 

On many of these issues, Republicans are no better than Democrats. In fact, both parties are guilty of adding trillions to our deficit. Nancy Pelosi knows that Republicans will cave on trillions of domestic spending the second she puts military spending on the chopping block. This is madness, and it has to end. 

The ways of Washington are broken, and the work President Trump started isn’t finished. We need to drain the swamp if we’re going to Make American Great Again.

If we want to fix the problems coming out of Washington, then we need to start electing true conservatives who will stand strong with their convictions and fight even when it’s unpopular to do so. If we send another typical politician to Washington, expect to get the same results. We need someone who’s going to go to D.C., to get the job done and be back home for church on Sunday.