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Which Missouri utilities offer summer savings programs?


As temperatures and energy bills continue to rise this summer, Missourians have several opportunities to cut down on energy use and receive help with bills. 

With energy efficiency incentives, rebates, and low-income assistance offered by utility companies as well as the state and federal government, here are some of the options available to Missouri customers throughout the summer months.

Evergy Missouri

Evergy Missouri encouraged customers to look into its Thermostat Program this week. The program allows customers to opt-in to help reduce demand on the system on peak energy use days. Participant’s houses are precooled to within 3-5 degrees of their original settings while energy use is cycled for a few hours in the evening or afternoon on hot weekdays. According to Evergy, the program saved nearly 60 MWHs of energy. 

Participants in the program receive a $50 enrollment incentive in addition to a $25 check or credits after a full year of participation. 

Ameren Missouri

Ameren Missouri offers customers a similar Peak Time Savings Program that cycles power for participating customers, in addition to a rebate program for switching to more energy-efficient appliances, such as more effective pool pumps, central air conditioners, and smart thermostats, with some rebates exceeding $200. 

Ameren also offers its Dollar More Program, in which customers and companies donate to the program through an extra dollar added to their monthly bills. Eligible customers can receive up to $600 per year to assist with their bills. 

Empire District Electric Company

Empire offers rebates from $250-$450 for customers using energy-efficient HVAC systems to cool their homes. Empire touted the program as a way to reduce power consumption during the summer months while offering incentives for customers and reducing their overall costs. 

State and federal programs

Missouri offers protection for utility customers who can’t pay their bills during the summer months. Missouri is covered under the Hot Weather Law from June 1 to Sept. 30, according to the Public Service Commission (PSC). Under the rule, customers cannot have their electric or natural gas service disconnected because of overdue payments if the temperature is projected to rise above 95 degrees in the next 24 hours. 

The PSC also promotes the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), a federally-funded initiative to help those struggling with their bills. The LIHEAP Energy Crisis Intervention Program offers eligible customers up to $600 to go toward their bills through the summer months.