MOGOV Countdown: Day 2


We’re two days away from the general election, and the latest news in the gubernatorial race is the President’s endorsement of Chris Koster.

In a new radio advertisement, President Barack Obama says Koster will work to “protect the Affordable Care Act from Republicans working to take folks’ insurance away. He’ll finally expand Medicaid in Missouri, giving more folks the financial security of health care” as well as fight for public education and raise the minimum wage.

“My name might not be on the ballot this year. But all the progress we’ve made together sure is. Chris Koster will build on that progress, not roll it back,” President Obama finished.

The Greitens’ campaign quickly attacked the Democrat in response, with Greitens tweeting out a video with the President’s remarks, saying “ President Obama endorses Koster. I’ll stand up to liberal politicians like Obama, Clinton, and Koster and take Missouri in a new direction.”

Greitens’ campaign also released ads about Koster’s tenure in Missouri politics, featuring children counting to the number 22 before a voice says “22 years is enough.”

Both gubernatorial candidates paused to take a breath on Sunday. Neither took the day off, but relaxed schedules seem to have been on the menu as both men prepare for what is surely to be a long 48 hours.

Greitens was scheduled to host a rally in St. Louis at 4 p.m., before preparing for a day of travel around the state on Monday.

The democratic candidate, Chris Koster, also spent the day in St. Louis, worshiping at Sunday morning mass and spending time with the campaign volunteers in the afternoon.

No campaign contributions to report for Sunday, November 6th.