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TWMP Column: Treasurer Selection Day 

Treasurer Selection Day 

Tomorrow at 3:00 Governor Parson will select the next State Treasurer. If I had to guess there are four choices that the Governor has considered.

Carrie Almond –  President of the National Federation of Republican Women from Chillicothe. She has served as Treasurer of Livingston County and executive vice president of Citizens Bank & Trust, a highly successful northern Missouri bank.

Holly Rehder – The current state senator has long been rumored as a potential statewide candidate, and was the runner up for the post four years ago. She has political experience, fundraising experience, and is the one candidate who is the least likely to field a primary opponent.

Vivek Malik – A St. Louis attorney who specializes in immigration law. He was appointed to the Southeast Missouri Board of Curators in 2020 by Governor Parson.

Kalena Bruce – A cattle farmer and accountant who ran for congress last cycle. She has a lot of political talent and ran with the endorsement of Governor Parson. She performed outstanding in the only debate and has been rumored as a top candidate for the position from the start.

Ray Wagner to Bailey’s AG Office 

In a huge get for Attorney General Designee Andrew Bailey Ray Wagner is coming to the office to be his Senior Advisor and Chief Counselor to the Office of Attorney General. Wagner has a long history in state government beginning in the Ashcroft administration as well as being a long history of being an advisor to the most powerful politicians in the state.

Jesus Oeste to Bryan Cave 

Jesus Oeste General Counsel to Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft is leaving the office to rejoin Bryan Cave
Leighton Paisner LLP. He will be in the Jefferson City office. Oeste has clerked for Supreme Court Judge Zel Fischer as well as working in the Attorney General’s Office under Eric Schmitt and more recently Ashcroft. He is also one of the smartest people in state government.

If you have time take a minute and watch my conversation with now DOR Director Wayne Wallingford. It’s the 50th anniversary of the Linebacker II mission that ended the Vietnam War and that he flew the most combat missions in. Its at: