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April 2019 Quarterly Filings: What We Learned

In the April 2019 quarterly filings, most eyes are on the Governor’s Mansion. Sitting Gov. Mike Parson is sitting on $1,081,433 on hand, the most of any candidate committee. The committee with the most money is a political action committee set up to support the Governor, Uniting Missouri PAC, with $2,294,861 on hand. This quarter, the Governor raised just shy of $200,000 — $198,931.

On the Governor’s trail was state Auditor Nicole Galloway, who is up for re-election in 2022. She raised $114,194. Not only did she have a good quarter, but she has also kept her campaign manager and fundraiser on payroll, with many speculating her perusing candidacy as the 2020 Democratic front runner for governor. The committee also has expenses for Hart Research and a digital fundraiser. Galloway’s committee has $65,000 on hand.

There are no other Democrats or Republicans formally announced or organized to run for governor in 2020.

As far as the largest war chests, aside from the Governor, with more $750,000 on hand are the Eastern Missouri Laborers, Carpenters’, and Enterprise Holdings’ PACs.

State senators with noticeable accounts include Sen. Eric Burlison’s committee with $393,960, Sen. Scott Sifton with $313,111, and Sen. Jill Schupp with $276,852.

In the House, the people with more than six-figures are Speaker Elijah Haahr ($228,449.62), Rep. Dean Plocher ($138,967.90), Majority Floor Leader Rob Vescovo ($133,495.81), Rep. Jack Bondon ($123,479.13), and Jeff Shawan ($113,264). There is only one other member with more than $75,000 and that’s Rep. Tracy McCreery with $95,759.87.

Those who have raised more than $5,000 this quarter in the House include Reps. Jeff Shawan ($100,970 — $100,000 is a personal contribution to the committee), Jonathan Patterson ($22,573), Mark Ellebracht ($12,267), Becky Ruth ($7,800), David Gregory ($7,375), Dean Plocher ($7,200),  Louis Riggs ($5,998.79), and Paula Brown ($5,150).

April 2019 quarterly filings: