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Ashcroft completes statewide tour of counties


ST. LOUIS, Mo – Missouri Secretary of State candidate Jay Ashcroft announced Wednesday that he has completed his tour of Missouri, visiting each of Missouri’s 114 counties and the City of St. Louis.


“Since announcing my campaign, my family and I have been campaigning tirelessly in all corners of the state,” Ashcroft said. “Today, I am proud to announce that I have visited each of Missouri’s 114 counties throughout this campaign and I will continue working to meet as many Missourians as I can between now and Election Day.

“As I have traveled the state, I am encouraged by the support that, not only our campaign has received, but the support for our common sense effort to implement a photo voter ID law and our vision for Missouri,” Ashcroft continued. “Missourians are sick and tired of politicians talking about passing a voter ID law and are ready for a Secretary of State who will stand up to the liberals and make this common sense idea the law of our state.”