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Justin Brown wins Republican bid for Senate District 16 after close race

Jefferson City, Mo — Incumbent Sen. Justin Brown, R-Crawford County, has won the Republican primary to continue his re-election bid in Senate District 16.

Brown faced a challenge from state Rep. Suzie Pollock, R-Lebanon, in the primary. The primary was extremely close, with less than 400 total votes between the two. 

Brown was productive in his first term and is now Chairman of the Senate’s interim Subcommittee on Illegal Immigration. He is also co-chairman of the Joint Committee on Agriculture.

The incumbent will go on to face Democrat Tara Anura, who ran unopposed in her primary, in the general election.

Brown won his first general election in the district by a landslide in 2018, garnering 70% of the vote. He will be favored to win big again.