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Daniel Green announces he will seek re-election as circuit judge


Daniel Green announced he will be filing for re-election as Cole County Circuit Court Judge, Division II.  Green, a Republican, has served on the bench since his election in 2010.  This will be his third term. Green previously served as the Jefferson City Prosecutor for 14 years and was managing partner at the Jefferson City law firm of Hearne & Green for 20 years.   

“The citizens of Cole County deserve a Judge who has experience in the cases that are heard in Circuit Court and I am that person,” Green stated. “People need a Judge who will treat everyone who appears before them in a fair, just, and courteous manner. Throughout my time of service, I have always kept this first and foremost as my goal.” 

Now having served ten years as Circuit Judge, Green is especially qualified for this position.  He has presided over thousands of matters, including civil, criminal, family, juvenile, probate and administrative cases.  Green has been instrumental in the Court’s transition from paper to electronic filing, the implementation of new Supreme Court Rules on pre-trial bail and overseeing the growth in cases filed in Cole County.  

“Although a Judge is always guided by the parameters of the law, there are numerous times when a Judge is called upon to exercise his or her discretion in resolving cases.  My 30 years of experience renders me uniquely qualified to exercise this discretion in a manner that ensures justice for all.”