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Darin Chappell to run for state representative in Greene County


Springfield native and constitutional conservative Darin Chappell has announced his intentions to run for State Representative in the 133rd district in Greene County, Missouri. Chappell is aiming to replace incumbent Rep. Curtis Trent, who is vacating his seat to run for state senate.

“Rep. Trent has done well for our district. My plan as state representative is to continue promoting conservative principles to move Missouri forward. With unprecedented attempts of federal overreach taking place, we need unwavering patriots to stand up for freedom now more than ever. I will always fight to protect your constitutional rights, just as my public record shows I always have,” said Chappell.

A veteran, Chappell served in both the U.S. Navy and Army Reserves. Continuing this calling to serve, Chappell has spent the past decade working as a city administrator for multiple Missouri cities, including Chillicothe, Bolivar, and Seymour. As Chief Administrative Officer of the cities he has served, his responsibilities have included all budgetary creation, implementation, and oversight; leadership of all Departmental activities; city planning; and citizen engagement.

Chappell routinely lectures on the Constitution and the impact of the Foundational Documents of American government (The Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, etc.). Most recently, he spoke at the Champions of Liberty program at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. 

For over fourteen years he has also been a frequent guest host for conservative radio shows such as Mornings with Nick Reed on 104.1 KSGF.

“I have never had a budget in the red, I have never once advocated for an increase in taxes, and I have never failed to protect the rights and liberties of the citizens I have served. While many people have ideas about how government ought to be handled, as a city administrator, I have proven successes in running multiple governments in Missouri. Having taught Political Science, Public Administration, and Public Budgeting and Finance for years at Missouri State University prior to my taking up city responsibilities, I understand how government works – but more importantly – how it ought to work. Because of my background, I am uniquely qualified to go to Jefferson City to root out bureaucratic mandates, return local control back to the people, and take a firm stand against an ever-encroaching national government,” said Chappell.

Chappell’s passion for community doesn’t stop with his professional life. He is involved with the Rotary Club, the MO Main Street Advisory Board, the American Legion, and the Veterans in Defense of Liberty organization. He is also an active member of the Church of Christ in Fordland.

As for his legislative agenda, fiscal responsibility and the shrinking of government are at the top of the list. Other priorities include defending the First and Second Amendments, supporting pro-life policies, and fighting against tax increases.

“For me, the job of a state representative is to be a buffer against government overreach. I will take your concerns and ideas to the capitol and ensure that the government stays out of your daily life decisions. I will work to keep taxes low and make sure that state funding is used appropriately. I will fight to return control to our local communities, and strive for a Missouri that works for you. As long as I have a say, your constitutional rights will never be infringed, and your liberties will not be restricted.”

With over fifty years in Missouri under his belt (with more than thirty of those Springfield), Chappell is happy to continue to call Springfield home. He and his wife, Carole Ann, are the proud parents of their three adult children and their six beautiful grandkids. 

Chappell has hired Axiom Strategies to serve as consultants on his campaign.