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Opinion: Despicable character assassination of a public servant

Yesterday, and now today, were the two of the strangest and in some ways saddest days I’ve had in the past several years in Jefferson City.

A handful of RepubliCANT state senators who are described as the Conservative Caucus continue to show themselves to be obstructionists.

State Rep. Steve Butz

Donald Kauerauf has been acting as the director of the Department of Health and Human Services for the past several months. His confirmation hearing was Monday before the Senate Gubernatorial Appointments Committee chaired by Sen. Dave Schatz, a RepubliCAN.

A vocal group of protesters (and it’s certainly their right to protest) rallied and attended the hearing intent on stopping Donald Kauerauf’s confirmation. Again, this gentleman is Republican Gov. Mike Parson’s designee.

Reasons voiced against Kauerauf?

He believes in vaccines, not mandates. He stated that Missouri’s vaccination rate of 54 percent is atrocious. The department warned against taking ivermectin. He believes in the outrageous concept that public health professionals should guide public health.

His faith was questioned. His pro-life commitment was questioned.

Everything about the man indicated he is an experienced public health professional dedicated to the common good. Not good enough for the RepubliCANTS in the Missouri Senate.

Last night, their wish was granted. He has resigned.

It is easy to obstruct, but this small but vocal group of senators cannot govern. There’s too darn much disfunction at every level of government! Good luck trying to run essential government services when qualified professionals do not want to work for you.