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Five questions with: Jeff Roe


What does 2014 look like for Republicans Nationally?

It should be a great year nationally for Republicans, I think it should mirror 2010 and its energizing effect on the Republican base. ObamaCare is now a proven failure not just a potential failure. Spending is out of control, debt is rising, Americans are having a harder and harder time finding a job and the party in power always takes the blame and I believe Republicans will benefit from that.


What do you see in the state of Missouri that Republicans need to do to maintain their supermajority?

I think candidate recruitment it always a critical piece of that there are some swing seats that are open and the HRCC has done a good job with recruitment, as they always have. We are always very careful to never underestimate our Democrat opponents and they never let us down. There is no recruitment, there is no money, there is no energy, they are essentially a two county party in a 114 county state.


Tell me what your company is doing now, if you could sum up Axiom in one sentence how would you put it?

We are trying to win campaigns at every level of government.


How many races do you see yourself being actively engaged in in 2014?

Well, we are excited about our Texas races, at the Governor’s level and the statewides, and then the state senate and congressional levels, so we’re excited about that expansion. We’re also focused on keeping Missouri solidly Republican and serving our clients here.  Keeping the house in Republican hands and not only defending our majority but growing our majority.

We are involved in 5 of the top 10 Republican takeover seats in the country; North Carolina, Arizona, California, Florida, and Minnesota, we’re excited about those campaigns.  And we’re excited about gaining control of the U.S. Senate, by holding our seat in Georgia and capturing seats for our candidates in Iowa and Alaska.


What do you think about becoming a father?

Somewhere between excited and panicked.


Bonus Question

What is your favorite movie?

Red Dawn, isn’t that everyone’s favorite movie?