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Freshmen to Watch: Adam Schwadron

The Missouri Times is speaking to new lawmakers this session. Get to know more of the “Freshmen to Watch” here.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — When he’s not at the Capitol, you might be able to find Rep. Adam Schwadron at a bourbon tasting. The Republican freshman is a certified bourbon steward who has an affinity for tasting the different flavors. 

Schwadron, who represents HD 106, first became interested in politics after taking a political science course at the University of Missouri – St. Louis (UMSL). Ultimately, he changed his major to political science from business administration and lobbied for the Associated Students of the University of Missouri, gaining Capitol experience. 

“I had a professor there that pulled me aside one day and said, ‘Have you thought about going into politics?’ And he explained that I understood it at a level different than most other people in his classes,” Schwadron told The Missouri Times. 

“I did have an issue that I disagreed with personally, but it was my job to lobby in favor of it,” Schwadron said of his lobbying experience. “So when I do look at an issue I like to think of the pros, the cons, who’s in favor, who’s against [it], and try and get their view of it to help me better inform myself.” 

Schwadron also worked closely with former Republican Rep. Sherman Parker on his campaign, and the two became good friends. Schwadron remembers Parker fondly and keeps a photo of the late representative on his office wall for inspiration. 

“Unfortunately, about a month and a half before my wedding he died suddenly,” Schwadron said. “I’ve always got Sherman looking down on me.” 

Schwadron has lived in his district, which encompasses part of St. Charles County, since 2007. He beat his Democratic opponent in the general election by nearly a 3 percent margin. 

“We just want to live, work, and keep the government out of our lives as much as possible,” Schwadron said of his constituents. 

Of the eight bills he sponsors, Schwadron is the most passionate about HB 825 and HB 446 because they are making the most progress. HB 825 is a bill that would increase the penalties for those who illegally take packages off another person’s doorstep and is expected to reach the House floor this week. 

HB 446 would prohibit solid waste transfer stations from being within 1,000 feet of a zoned residential property. 

In his first few months serving, Schwadron has learned about the importance of amendments. Schwadron said that in the past he dismissed the efficacy of amendments, but he has now realized that is where most of the work gets done. 

“I remember Jeff Porter had a bill on Missouri bourbon whiskey,” Schwadron said. “So I was looking, and I was like, ‘Oh, his bill didn’t make it.’ Well, I learned it passed because he amended it onto another bill.” 

Schwadron serves on the Elections and Elected Officials Committee, the General Laws Committee, and the Special Committee on Small Business.