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Humphreys’ consultant fined for acting as lobbyist without registering


MEC says Mouton lobbied legislature on right-to-work, tort reform

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Ethics Commission has filed suit against Paul Mouton, a political consultant, for failing to register as a lobbyist on behalf of David Humphreys, despite his legislative meetings.

The MEC says in its filing that there “is probable cause to believe that Respondent Mouton violated Section 105.473, RSMo, when during 2016 and 2017 he did not register as a lobbyist and did not file regular lobbyist disclosure reports, including the List of Principals and Legislative Action, with the Missouri Ethics Commission after he attempted to influence official action on matters pending before the Missouri General Assembly.”
The MEC specifies in its Joint Stipulation of Facts, Waiver of Hearing Before the Missouri Ethics Commission, and Consent Order with Joint Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law that while Mouton, who signed the order, was engaged by Humphreys as a political consultant, he worked in the capacity of a lobbyist in meeting with “members of the General Assembly and their staff relating to the passage of and content of certain legislative matters pending in the General Assembly. Such meetings and communications were periodic and not constant but were more than just an occasional meeting.”
The filing goes on to specify Mouton worked on right-to-work “and other labor related issues and on general pro-business related issues including tort reform.”
In the MEC’s consent order, they require Mouton to comply with lobbying laws, fine Mouton for $2,000 (or $200 within 45 days, with the remainder stayed unless further violation), backfile principal and legislative action paperwork through March 15, 2016, and register as a lobbyist for any future action.