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TWMP: David Barklage discusses Schmitt battling Missouri Schools

On this week’s episode of This Week in Missouri Politics David Barklage sat down with many others to discuss numerous topics, one being Schmitt and his battle of unmasking schools around Missouri.

“I think that there is a way to attack these issues, and there is a way to go too far. I think he is sort of right in the lane of going in the right direction. The whole mask mandate, as I mentioned before the show, that we had done a survey that showed in St. Louis County 90% of people were wearing the mask, 37% because of the mandate, 87% in St. Charles County without a mandate”.

Barklage then went on to talk about the differences in today’s society when it came to school and how teachers were treated and dictated their classrooms.

Barklage, a longtime Republican consultant known since the 1990s for being one of the top strategists in the state has, however, never been renowned for his business acumen. Yet that has not stopped him from advising nearly every major Republican in Missouri. 

For the full episode, you can visit the This Week in Missouri Politics YouTube channel, here.