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Letter to the Editor: Cole wrong on Moon

Two recent articles in The Missouri Times caught my attention. They concern HB 2285, a bill filed by state representative and SD 29 candidate Mike Moon. This bill, if passed, would completely abolish abortion in Missouri. Mr. David Cole, another SD 29 candidate, criticized Mr. Moon for filing this legislation. State Rep. Moon responded to Mr. Cole’s criticisms.

Dr. Wes Scroggins

First, I will say that abortion is murder and unacceptable under any circumstance. My position is based on both Biblical Scripture and the Missouri Constitution. Scripture states all persons are created in the image of God. One of the sins most condemned by God in Scripture is the evil of child sacrifice. Based on Scripture, the Missouri Constitution grants individuals personhood from the moment of conception. This Personhood Amendment was passed by the people of Missouri. Except in cases of self-defense, when one person kills another person, we call it murder. Mr. Cole’s criticisms and logic lead to the conclusion that it is compassionate to kill and sacrifice the innocent little preborn person in order to show compassion to the parent. I see nothing compassionate about killing the innocent preborn person. This is a twisted, immoral, pseudo-logic that has doomed the pro-life movement to failure for the last 47 years. The pro-life movement simply allows abortion with government regulation. Mr. Cole argues that pro-life legislation allowing the killing of the preborn saves lives. I argue this abortion supporting pro-life legislation has ended the lives of many more babies than it has saved. State Rep. Moon’s logic and position is correct on this issue. If preborn babies are innocent persons created in the image of God, the only Biblical, Constitutional, and moral position that can be taken is the total abolition of abortion. Anything else is an uncompassionate injustice called murder.

Another concern emerging from these letters is the issue of which man is genuine and can be trusted. State Rep. Moon has done nothing more with the filing of HB 2285 than uphold his oath of office to uphold the Missouri Constitution. Again, the Missouri Constitution, by the will of the people of Missouri, grants personhood at conception. State Rep. Moon has upheld his oath of office to honor the Constitution and seek justice for all persons, including preborn persons. Isn’t this exactly what we want in our elected officials? Don’t we want elected officials who behave according to their talk and do what they swear to do? Such cannot be said of Mr. Cole. If elected, he will take an oath of office to uphold the Missouri Constitution which grants personhood at conception. But given his criticism of state Rep. Moon over HB 2285, it appears Mr. Cole has no intention of upholding the Missouri Constitution he will swear to uphold. He will not uphold the will of the people nor seek justice for all.

Another concern about genuineness is the issue of faith. State Rep. Moon appears very open and transparent about his faith. Look at his campaign website. He appears to live his faith. This is the mark of a true Christian man. You know where he will stand on the important issues of the day. Again, such cannot be said of Mr. Cole. He publicly criticizes state Rep. Moon for living the faith that Mr. Cole himself talks and claims to believe. You know them by their fruits (Matthew 7:20).

It appears that Mr. Cole has criticized state Rep. Moon for political gain. Political gain that comes at the sacrifice of his own self-professed convictions and beliefs.