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Military mom announces candidacy for Missouri House

Ann Moloney, creator of Motivating Mom and mother of nine — including seven military service members — has announced her candidacy for the Missouri legislature. Running to replace term-limited Rep. Becky Ruth, Moloney will appear on the 2022 Republican primary ballot on August 2nd for the Jefferson County-based seat.

“While this is my first time running for office, I am no stranger to being in the public eye. From my time as the Motivating Mom with Covenant Network to working with non-profit and religious causes, I’m very active in our community. With Rep. Ruth headed for her final term in the House, I want to ensure that conservative values continue to be championed for our district. My mission is to preserve our freedoms and roll back unconstitutional mandates that have crept into our lives.”

Over the years, Moloney has seen seven of her children choose to serve their country through different branches of the military. As a sister of eight siblings herself, Moloney often speaks of the teamwork mentality that comes from being part of a large family:

“When you’re in a large family, it comes natural to look out for one another and offer a lending hand. You learn a sense of communal responsibility and the power of cooperation. Of course, you also become aware of the importance of standing your ground. These are all skills that helped me when growing up and have served my children well as they entered into military service. Now, these are skills that can also be carried with me into the Missouri House.”

Moloney credits her children and grandchildren as the source of inspiration for her candidacy: “My granddaughter asked me one day, ‘Nana, why don’t you serve your country like mom and dad?’ I knew then that public service was my next calling, so that I can proudly tell her, ‘I do!’”

Moloney is a member of Respect Life (a pro-life organization) and previously served as the organization’s director for the Imperial, Missouri parish of St. Joseph’s. She is also a member of the Serra Catholic Club of St. Louis and served as president from 2014-2015.

“My faith is the most important thing in my life. I am a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ and all my values and principles are inspired by the Word of God. I am troubled by the recent attacks on religious freedom that we have seen across this country. I will fight to protect our right to worship and will oppose all efforts to limit churches from opening their doors under the guise of ‘health policy.’”

The legislative focuses of Moloney include further protections for the unborn, preserving the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution, and increasing parental control over their children’s education. Freedom of speech and the right to bear arms are noted by the candidate as “inalienable rights that shouldn’t even be up for debate.”

“Conservatives must stand strong for what is right or we will cease to recognize our country under the dark cloud of radical liberalism. My agenda is simple: defend life, maintain our rights, and reject the socialist nonsense that has been tolerated for far too long. The classroom has become a breeding ground for extremist indoctrination. Now more than ever before, parents are demanding the right to send their children to schools focused on learning instead of indoctrination. Well, parents, you have been heard! I will fight for your child’s right to a quality education here in Missouri, because I want the same for my grandchildren.”

Outside of campaigning, Ann contracts with the U.S. Air Force as a Missouri National Guard childcare provider and works as a sales manager of education systems for Missouri schools. When not on the job, she can be found volunteering, spending quality time with her family, and spoiling her adorable grandchildren.

Ann Moloney has retained Axiom Strategies to serve as consultants on her campaign.