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MO 8th Republican Candidate Profile: John Tyrell

The Missouri Times: Why Congress?

John Tyrrell: Congress in particular the House of Representatives gives me an opportunity to address the issues that concern our District, State, John Tyrrelland Nation at the Federal level.  Government intrusion into our everyday lives is what I do not want to see in my life or the lives of my children.  So to address this I felt it necessary to go to source.  Also Congress as a whole has a poor approval rating.  One the problems is that we continue to send the same “cookie cutter”  representative to Washington.  I view myself as different than most of the individuals currently there.  I am not going to advance agenda or rhetoric I going to bring solutions.

TMT: At the forums you gave some very conservative answers. Can you walk us through how you came to be a conservative and when it really developed for you?

Tyrrell: I would have to give tribute to Howell County.  In particular, my Grandfather Granvil Vaughan.  He served as the Republican State Represenative in Howell County.  He helped bring the college to West Plains.  He fought in WW II.  He farmed and raised his family in West Plains.  He helped me understand the value of hard work and the value of a dollar.  When I learned that the “other party” believes in the opposite I knew where I stood with my polical beliefs.  The values he instilled in me at a young age shape into the man I am today.

TMT: Who are some people in Congress you respect or you might model yourself after?

Tyrrell: I respect Rep. Paul Ryan.  I would like to be able to lead in the house as he and be able to take command of the issues as he does.

TMT: Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson. What are some things she’s done you’ve agreed with or supported?

Tyrrell:The one thing I think Jo Ann did that I agree with was her connection to the people. She made a point to have great constitute services.

TMT: Sure. What do you do for fun, when you aren’t working?

Tyrrell: I love spending time with my kids.  I enjoy hunting, sports (Cardinal Baseball in particular), golf, and watching a good movie.

TMT: A lot of people mention you with [Representative] Jason Smith, why would you be better?

Tyrrell: I have come to know him through the process and I consider him a friend.  He  has legislative experience that  I do not. However my experience is everyday life, I know what it is like to worry about providing for your family and how regulations, government intrusions, and poor fiscal decisions affect people at home.  His experience is in Jeff City my experience is from my city and cities like mine that are located in this district. I do not believe Congress needs more career politicians it needs more people who seek solutions.

TMT: Can you win a primary in 2014?

Tyrrell: Yes, without a doubt.

TMT: Tell me something people don’t know about you.

Tyrrell:I try to find the humor in situations., I don’t know what the CIA has told you. Also since I brought “the Can” to Cape, I am hoping that a soup company will ask me to be a spokesperson in the event I do not receive the nomination.

TMT: Do you have a base of support of committee members regionally, or are you more spread out?

Tyrrell: I feel that my support is spread throughout the district.  I am the only candidate that has attachments to the district from east to west.  I was raised in the west and gave my heart to my young bride from the east side of the district (Poplar Bluff).  I spent time in several counties in this district during everyday situations.  Therefore,  I believe I offer district wide appeal.

TMT: If you’re not chosen, is there a candidate you’d support at the meeting?

Tyrrell: During this process I consider each and every candidate to be a friend.  It would be difficult for me to pick one candidate over the other.

TMT: If there are two or three left, is there somebody that you’d like to see have the job if you’re not successful?

Tyrrell: Again I do not feel that I could pick one over the other.  However, there is always Saturday Feb. 9.