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New Approach Missouri releases statewide digital ad featuring Afghanistan veteran endorsing Amendment 2


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – New Approach Missouri released a digital ad featuring Army Sergeant and Afghanistan veteran, Chris Wolfenbarger, in support of Amendment 2.

The ad, which can be viewed here, shows footage from the actual roadside bomb that injured Chris in Afghanistan. Chris goes on to explain that due to the injuries he sustained while serving his country, he suffers from chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder. Chris supports the passage of Amendment 2 on November 6 because he believes it is the compassionate way forward for patients and other veterans, like himself, suffering from serious and debilitating illnesses, to seek medical marijuana as a treatment option.

Amendment 2 is the only initiative on the November ballot that is supported by a broad coalition of veterans, patients, medical doctors and advocates. Jack Cardetti, spokesman for New Approach Missouri, said “Chris represents just one of the thousands of Missouri veterans that stand to benefit if Amendment 2 passes. Not only will veterans, like Chris, be able to discuss medical marijuana as a treatment option with their doctors, but revenue from the sales will go directly to fund additional veterans’ services for our state.”

Amendment 2’s small 4 percent tax on medical marijuana will go towards funding veterans’ health care services. Whereas, Amendment 3’s 15 percent tax, which would be the highest medical marijuana tax in the nation, goes towards a new state research institute, which will be run directly by Springfield personal- injury attorney Brad Bradshaw and his hand-picked board members.

New Approach Missouri is a coalition of medical professionals, patients, veterans, former public safety officials, and advocates working to pass Amendment 2 because it is the best way forward to legalize medical marijuana for patients with serious and debilitating illnesses. The campaign is encouraging all Missourians to vote “yes” on Amendment 2 on November 6.