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Opinion: Missouri Republican Candidates for Governor Should Defend Pro-Life Law, Not Run From it

For Missouri Republicans, there is an easy choice in next year’s gubernatorial primary: Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft. Ashcroft recently secured the exclusive endorsement of Missouri Right to Life for his staunch pro-life record, giving GOP voters yet another reason to support his candidacy. Since they announced their endorsement, the political establishment, including Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, have waged an aggressive campaign against Missouri’s pro-life protections and are advocating for a repeal of many of Missouri’s pro-life policies.

That’s why conservative Missourians must elect Jay Ashcroft. He’ll never back down in the face of the establishment attacks. Guided by his Christian faith, Ashcroft has consistently fought to protect the unborn and promote a culture of life in Missouri. Ashcroft believes every life has inherent value and spoke boldly in defense of the unborn when he helped challenge Roe v. Wade before the Supreme Court. For decades republicans have sought to have Roe overturned. Once it was, Ashcroft went on to defend Missouri’s “Stand for the Unborn Act”, America’s strongest pro-life law, while Lt. Governor Kehoe sought to overturn it.

As Governor, he will be the last line of defense against liberal Democrats and weak-kneed Republicans who refuse to defend life and want to repeal Missouri’s pro-life law. Those folks believe life only has inherent value if the political pollsters say so. For Ashcroft, the value and dignity of human life begins at conception—it is a fundamental belief that does not waiver with the political winds. While the liberal media and RINO Republicans seek to repeal Missouri’s pro-life protections, Ashcroft has been and will be unwavering in his defense of innocent life.

In addition to his pro-life record, Ashcroft is a consistent conservative with a record of achieving real conservative results for the people of our state. Ashcroft successfully blocked pornographic materials from being available to kids in our public libraries and led the passage of Missouri’s photo voter ID law. A staunch advocate for school choice, as Governor, Ashcroft will fight for parents’ rights in education and ensure school curriculum reflects Missouri values, not woke liberal ideology intended to brainwash our children. He will also continue fighting for religious liberty, lower taxes, and limited government.

Missouri needs a governor who gives voice to the voiceless and defends liberty for all citizens, both born and unborn. Jay Ashcroft is a consistent conservative with a proven record of defending life, family, faith, and freedom. He will lead Missouri with integrity and preserve our traditional way of life.

The choice is clear for Republican value voters who yearn for an America and Missouri we can be proud of once again. Jay Ashcroft deserves our support in the primary and the general election as the GOP nominee for governor. Missouri’s future depends on electing principled conservative leaders like Jay who will stand up for life and never back down from the hard fights.