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Q&A: Jay Ashcroft


The Missouri Times: Why are you running for State Senate?

Jay Ashcroft: Up until this spring, my focus had been on raising my family and trying to be a good father.  But I realized that being a good parent and citizen requires taking steps to ensure my children have greater freedom and opportunities for success.


TMT: What is your background?

JA: My background is a bit unusual in politics.  My training and experience as an engineer and attorney have equipped me to make a special contribution to the legislative process in Jefferson City.   After college, I worked in the defense industry for about five years, and then became a certified public school teacher and an assistant professor of engineering.  Here in St. Louis County, I currently practice law at The Ashcroft Law Firm with a focus on privacy and data protection.   This background provides me with an understanding of business, education and the law.

TMT:  Who are some of your campaigns supporters?

JA: I am most thankful for the support of my family, friends, and neighbors in the 24th district.  My most notable supporter is probably my Campaign Co-Chair, former Senator and Governor Kit Bond. I’m also pleased to have the support of folks like Ambassador Sam Fox, Co-Chair Bucky Bush, former County Executive Gene McNary and many others.

I am also excited to announce that we will be having an event in St. Louis in June with special guests Senator Roy Blunt and Congresswoman Ann Wagner. The support we have received is humbling.


TMT: What are the biggest issues you see facing the state?

JA: Missouri is competing for good jobs and other opportunities with the states around us.  While many of our neighbor states have been moving forward, Missouri has been falling behind and we can do better. We face many challenges, but to me, the biggest challenges are the lack of opportunities for quality jobs, good schools, and the freedom to live our lives the way we see fit. Government exists to protect freedom and opportunity, not to dictate all aspects of our lives. I believe Missourians are better equipped to handle our challenges than our state government. I will work to remove government barriers to growth and work to promote freedom and opportunity for our future.


TMT: What was your father’s reaction when you told him you were running?

JA: My father’s surprise was only exceeded by his support.  He has always taught me that I should “work as hard as you can to make the right decision and then once you make a decision work as hard as you can to make that decision right.”


TMT: What role do you plan for your father to have in the race?

JA: He’s my father, and whether or not I am in a campaign, he will always be someone I call for advice or just to chat with during Cardinal games.  My parents hosted an event at their home last week, and Katie and I were honored by the overwhelming support we received.


TMT: Some people see this district as a Democratic one, how do you plan to reach out to democratic voters this fall?

JA: Whether Democrat, Republican or Independent, voters want to raise their kids in a state where they have access to good jobs, quality schools, and economic opportunities. My experience best equips me to protect those opportunities. I believe that a majority of individuals in the 24th District will support a candidate that understands this.


TMT: How much money will you need to raise to win this race and how confident are you that you can raise that amount?

JA: Being able to effectively fundraise and discuss my approach to government with the voters will be important. This will be an expensive campaign.  However, I am confident that I will have the support and the resources necessary to be successful.

TMT: What do you believe will be the defining issue of the race?

JA: I believe voters will ask themselves: Which candidate is most likely to create an environment in Missouri with quality schools, good jobs, and economic opportunities for their kids? I believe the choice will be clear.


TMT: What is the one thing you would like our readers to know about Jay Ashcroft?

JA: People should know that as state senator, I will bring the best approach to government. We can’t just tax, spend and regulate our way to prosperity.  My experience as an engineer, perspective as a teacher, and study as an attorney will help me act to foster the environment for growth and opportunity that people should expect from government.