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Schmitt endorses Proposition D


Missouri State Treasurer Eric Schmitt today on Friday his endorsement of Proposition D for Safer Roads and Safer Streets on Tuesday’s statewide ballot.

As conservatives, we know we should take care of what we have and in the most cost efficient way possible. Prop D does that, and it’s a solid investment in our future,” Treasurer Schmitt said. “That’s why Governor Mike Parson, Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe, Senator Roy Blunt and conservative leaders in the Missouri Senate and House join me in endorsing a YES vote on Prop D.”

Treasurer Schmitt added: “Over the past 20 plus years inflation has eroded over 60% of the buying power of the current way we fund our roads. Regularly audited and constitutionally designated Prop D funds can only be used for road and bridge improvements and highway law enforcement. Prop D secures over $100 million in funding for the highway-safety mission of state law enforcement. And with already-budgeted federal matching funds, Prop D will invest $2 billion two-billion for needed state and local road and bridge improvements.  That’s good for jobs, our vehicles and our safety. That’s why Prop D is getting my YES vote, and I hope it gets yours.”

Learn more about Missouri Prop D, including how much new funding your county and city will receive, by visiting