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Newspapers weighing in on auditors race side with Galloway over McDowell


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Newspaper editorial boards across the Show-Me State have come to a consensus on a ballot question heading into the November election: State Auditor Nicole Galloway is the person for the job.

Appointed to her position by then-Gov. Jay Nixon in 2015, Galloway has earned the endorsement of every newspaper in Missouri that has decided to weigh-in on the race. She is up against Republican Saundra McDowell. Both are first-time candidates for elected office.

The St. Louis American wrote, “Galloway remaining state auditor is good for everyone in Missouri who is not a fraud, abuser or wastrel. Republicans stand behind a fraud, abuser and wastrel at the top of their party, so we can only hope that a critical mass of those people will vote in this race mindful of their clear, undeniable self-interest as taxpayers. We certainly will.”

The Joplin Globe said that they made their decision based on qualifications and credibility. The editorial board noted that both “candidates appear to have a passion to serve the public, but Galloway has a significant edge when it comes to experience and purpose.”

The St. Louis Dispatch also cited Galloway’s experience and expertise in their endorsement.

“The best path forward to ensure integrity and accountability in Missouri government is to reelect Nicole Galloway for State Auditor,” wrote the Columbia Tribune. They noted that McDowell declined to meet with their editorial board and typically shuns the media.

They are several newspapers that did not weigh-in on the race at all, such as the Kansas City Star and Springfield News-Leader.