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Silvey named chairman of the Missouri Public Service Commission


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Ryan Silvey’s journey in the world of utilities continues advancing as Gov. Mike Parson has named the former state senator as the chairman of the Missouri Public Service Commission.

Silvey confirmed the move on Monday, as he takes over the seat of chairman held by Daniel Hall, just nine months after first joining the commission.

“I’m honored that Gov. Parson would trust me with this responsibility,” he said. “I look forward to guiding the department to fulfill its goals for all Missourians.”


For Silvey, the opportunity presents an even bigger chance to affect public policy in the sphere of utility regulation, and he looks forward to it.

After serving in the state legislature since 2004, Silvey left his District 17 seat in the Senate in his second term in January of 2018 after receiving an appointment from then-Gov. Eric Greitens.

But the issue of utilities has always been one that Silvey has been interested in, having served as the Chairman of the Committee on Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and the Environment, which handled legislation regarding utility regulation.

Silvey has also been extremely involved in the budget each year as a legislator, having served as the chairman of the Budget Committee while still in the Missouri House of Representatives, back in 2011. He was the youngest chairman in the nation.

For now, Silvey said he isn’t focusing on any particular policy priorities, but instead wants to make sure the commission runs smoothly and stays within their jurisdiction. But one thing that could be interesting, and always has been at the PSC, is the opinions of the commission and the rulings of court cases overturning those decisions. That does not always mean something bad; instead, it sometimes outlines issues in the regulations that need to be addressed or further explains what powers the body has. A recent development through the courts has been clarifying the issuing of certificates of convenience and necessity (CCNs) and what criteria must be held to for the differing types.

Silvey will take over the chairmanship of the commission, while Daniel Hall will retain his seat on the commission.

“Chairman Hall has done a fine job, and I’m glad that he will be there as a resource for me for another year while he’s on the commission,” Silvey said. “He will continue to be a valuable member of the commission, and I will continue to look to him for his input on all of these decisions.”

“I’ve known Ryan for over a decade and worked with him in a variety of capacities. While we disagreed on most things, I always viewed him as someone who did his homework, cared deeply about public policy and was fiercely independent,” Hall said. “Those are traits that will serve him well as PSC chairman. I committed to Governor Parson that I would assist Ryan in transition and do what I can to ensure his success, and I will certainly do so.”

Silvey says he looks forward to working with everyone in the new role with the PSC, and hopes to continue working hard to ensure a good and fair utility realm for all Missourians and companies.