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Sinquefield backs Schaefer in AG race


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – One of the most influential donors in Missouri politics has decided to benefit Sen. Kurt Schaefer, R- Columbia, in his run for the attorney general’s office.

Rex Sinquefield, the influential political donor and philanthropist, has decided to throw his lot in with Schaefer to the tune of $500,000, according to a filing with the Missouri Ethics Commission Friday.

“Mr. and Mrs. Sinquefield are committed to making Missouri a more competitive state for the jobs of the future with a better tax structure and increased educational opportunities for all,” Schaefer said in a statement. “On these two issues, we share a commonsense conservative vision for our state. I am committed to improving Missouri’s business climate, and I welcome their support.”

Schaefer’s opponent in the Republican primary, University of Missouri law professor and attorney Josh Hawley, has received the same amount of money from another powerful conservative family in David and Debra Humphreys.

Total amounts of campaign funding earned in the third quarter must be reported next Thursday.