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This Week in #MOGOV

The big news of the week was the $1,000,000 contribution to Kehoe’s PAC from St. Louis businessman Rex Sinquefield. Kehoe already had a huge lead in fundraising, more than doubling both Eigel and Ashcrofts’s contributions. However, this million-dollar contribution puts Kehoe all that much more in the driver’s seat. This was combined with another $65,000 in contributions to make this a stellar week for Kehoe.

Ashcroft has been the front runner from the jump, but this is where you can start saying with confidence that Kehoe has made the race a toss-up between himself and Ashcroft. Further it’s clear that Kehoe has momentum behind him. Every day that Kehoe banks a check like this he gets closer to being the front runner. It’s about to get to the point where every day his opponents fail to bank five-figure checks they will have fewer and fewer options on where to spend that money even if it ultimately does arrive.

Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe continues to rake in endorsements and travel across rural Missouri. This past week, Kehoe visited Southeast Missouri, stopping in Dexter, with the Stoddard County Republicans. Kehoe also stopped in Poplar Bluff, and Cape Girardeau, where he visited local firefighters. The Kehoe bus tour continued all the way through Perryville, Chesterfield, Hannibal, and LaBelle. Also making stops in Kirksville, Putnam County, Bethany, and Gallatin. Wrapping up his week three of the campaign at DeKalb County’s Lincoln Day in Northwest Missouri.

This week, Jay Ashcroft received an endorsement from former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Huckabee has a following in the religious right community, but maybe more importantly he has a following in southern Missouri from his time as Governor of Arkansas. The endorsement video was well done and featured a cameo from Senator Mike Moon from a fundraiser.

Last week, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft was joined by Speaker of the House Dean Plocher, Rep. Tricia Byrnes, Rep. Nickson-Clark and U.S Attorney Will Scharf in demanding action from the federal government over nuclear waste. Ashcroft invited those in the swamp to “come take a swim” and see the problem first-hand. Jay Ashcroft has been touring the Ozarks, stopping at the College of the Ozarks, and the Greater Ozark Pachyderm Club. After leaving the lake area, he visited Aurora and Barry County.

The Eigel campaign grabbed the endorsement from the creator of MyPillow, Mike Lindell. The businessman went on to say “I implore everyone in Missouri to vote for the only real, Pro-Trump Conservative Republican in the race for Governor, Bill Eigel.” Eigel spent a good chunk of the week on fundraising, but like all republican candidates he would love to use anyone in the Trump orbit to secure an endorsement from The Donald.

Eigel had stops this week in Mountain Grove, West Plains, Summerville, and Rolla. He had his ample army of volunteers out knocking doors & and putting up their 4x8s.

Contributions over $5,000 This Week
Kehoe: $1,065,049.
Ashcroft: $25,000
Bill Eigel: $0

American Dream PAC (Kehoe)
Matt Jones: $10,000
Walsworth Publishing Inc: $5,399
Site Improvement Association of MO-PAC 2071: $10,000
Ameren: $25,000
Rex Sinquefield: $1,000,000
Eric Schreimann: $5,650
JK Ambulance Sales & Service Inc: $10,000

Committee for Liberty PAC (Ashcroft)
Sharon Herschend: $15,000
Richard Green: $10,000

Believe in Life and Liberty (BILL) PAC