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Vescovo tosses his hat into majority floor leader race

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Rep. Rob Vescovo is taking his shot at a position of leadership in the Missouri House.

The Republican from Jefferson County announced his intent to run for Majority Floor Leader next session in a letter sent out on Friday, May 5.

Rep. Rob Vescovo
Rep. Rob Vescovo

“After lengthy conversations with my wife, family members, and close friends, I have decided to forego any relaxation in favor of working on behalf of our caucus and its goals,” he wrote. “During the last few weeks, I have received a great deal of encouragement from many of you to pursue a leadership position, and I am humbled by your support.”

“Most of you know that I have not backed away from sometimes controversial issues when necessary to further conservative agenda items, but in doing so, I have also learned to respectfully disagree with members of our diverse caucus.  As I have been unafraid to take the heat on high profile issues, I will also stand tall to shield our most vulnerable members from unnecessary pressure.”

Vescovo, a business development consultant and former candidate for the 112th district occupied by Sen. Paul Wieland, was elected to the seat in 2014.

“I understand what a tough election is like, as I have been elected twice in one of the most competitive swing districts in the state.  After consecutive twenty point victories over serious competition, I am proud to have put my seat into safe Republican control.”

This year, Vescovo served as the Vice Chairman on three committees, including Economic Development, Fiscal Review, and the select committee on Local, State, Federal Relations and Miscellaneous Business. He also served as a member of the Local Government committee and Rules.

One of the roles of leadership has been aiding in fundraising to help push forward the success of the House Republican Campaign Committee.  Vescovo says that he, like most politicians, does not enjoy fundraising, he has developed a track record of success. He says he’s willing to travel to each corner of the state to push their agenda, saying that he is “certain they will reward our ideas with their support for our caucus.”

“With your support, I plan to work with each caucus member to maximize our collective knowledge, skill sets, and abilities to further the agenda of the Missouri House – the agenda of the people who sent us to represent them in Jefferson City,” he wrote. “In the coming weeks and months, I look forward to visiting with each of you to further learn the issues that are important to you and your districts and to earn your support in being an advocate for your and our cause.  I believe that with your support, as your next Majority Floor Leader, we can work together to ensure that each individual member is listened to, the caucus agenda can be furthered, and that the issues that are important to your individual districts become an important part of that agenda.”

As of the release of his letter, Vescovo is the only representative to have publicly announced his intent to run, though names like Justin Hill, Kirk Mathews, and Rocky Miller have been mentioned as possibly considering bids for the spot as well.