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#F150CampaignTour Day 6

Well day 6 started surveying one of the more heated contests of the summer. Gussie’s Avalanche took on the Gators in a high stakes Little League contest. 

  • Of course Gussie’s team just dominated the Gators, humiliated them to be honest.

    Gussie at S&J Snowball Custard Shop
  • He played 3B like a young Scott Rolen, and went 2-3 with 3 RBIs. 
  • Some people have said his line drive swing reminds them of Willie McGee during his ‘85 MVP season. 
  • Looking forward to the playoffs, but can’t take anything for granted. Remember the terrorist attack of 10/26/85

After a morning of complete domination it was back to the #F150CampaignTour and heading to the land of 1st in Meth and last in Math: Jefferson County.

  • We visited with Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman and her husband Chris the S&J Snoball
    Gussie & Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman

    Custard. Gussie loaded up on a lime and raspberry, which he loved and you could see in his teeth the rest of the day. 

  • She said that her campaign had a dozen people out door knocking this weekend. 
  • She was focusing on only doors that had voted in all of the last three primary elections so they were spread out, but highly targeted.
  • They had an NRA event to go to so they headed out after only having one snowcone. They were driving after all. 

From there we decided to go to the intellectual and cultural center of JeffCo, The Crystal Tavern.

Crystal Tavern, Crystal City, MO
  • Unfortunately the Crystal Tavern is closed for renovations. I really don’t know how they are getting along in JeffCo while it’s closed. 

Then we went to Festus where former Rep. Jeff Roorda was knocking doors.

  • Jeff said that he made a last minute investment in radio and cable to try and drive home his final message. 
  • He has been targeting the district door knocking starting in the north and now finishing up
    Jeff Roorda knocking doors in Festus

    in the south.

  • There are several other pro-labor republicans on the ballot Tuesday that could help Roorda bring out the labor vote. 
  • The fact is that if Roorda can turn out his votes he will win. The problem is that his votes have never all shown up at once in the same primary and taken the same party ballot. If he can make this the first time they turn those out then he probably can’t be beat. 

We had to head back before we could catch up with Rep. Dan Shaul or Rep. Shane Roden. It could be that Rep. Roden could be a spoiler for Roorda, and there is a reason that legitimate players have been putting money into Shaul’s campaign right up until the end so they know something. Either way T.C. is coming out of this a rockstar.

Before heading out of Jefferson County we headed out to Main & Mill Brewing Company.

  • We visited with a handful of folks upstairs over a pretty great cheeseburger and chicken strips. 
  • We got some feedback from a handful of folks.They all knew Jeff Roorda, but of the one five that would offer a prediction on the race it was 2 for Roorda, 2 for Coleman, and 1 for Shaul. 
  • Now oddly enough all five said they were voting Tuesday, and all five said they were voting for Schmitt. 
  • We didn’t bring up any democrats, that wouldn’t have went over very well in the heart of Trump Country, times have changed.
  • However, four of them predicted that Coleman would win.