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#F150CampaignTour Day 7: The Leadbelt

Short Sunday in the F150, but we did get to go to one of my favorite places in Missourah, St. Francois County. I used to love how Lt. Governor Kinder used to pronounce it. We pulled up to Kevin Engler Park for a Schmitt rally. 

  • Good crowd for a Sunday with rain.
    Kevin Engler Park in Farmington, Missouri.

  • Also a good crowd of national media is now traveling with Schmitt. 
  • I understand that Fox News did a couple hits earlier this weekend with some other campaigns they are going to follow Schmitt today, and through election day. Apparently they read polls too. 
  • Big, even yuuge introduction from Mr. Farmington: Kevin Engler. 
  • Simple life tip from a simple hillbilly: If you’re ever feeling down about yourself, just get
    Eric Schmitt addresses the national media at Kevin Engler Park in Farmington.

    Kevin Engler to introduce you in Kevin Engler Park at even half the energy that he did Eric Schmitt, and that should perk you right up.

  • He closed with: “If you join me in voting for Eric Schmitt I can promise that you won’t be embarrassed a year from now.”
  • Schmitt was affable and funny, bout like a guy who is 60 hours away from being elected to the United States Senate. 
  • However, in his closing a switch flipped and he became as serious as I’ve ever seen him. He discussed the negative course he felt the country was on, then referenced Eric Greitens. Then said:

“He quit on you once. He will quit on you again. I’m a fighter. I don’t quit.”

  • The speech went over great with the crowd. Afterword State Rep. Mike Henderson gave Schmitt a strong endorsement: 

“This US Senate race is one of the most important races for Missouri in a long time. We need a true conservative Republican that will defend our basic rights. I am looking for a person who will not just tell me what they are going to do but get things done for the State of Missouri. I believe Eric Schmtt can do that.”

  • The Schmitt campaign shot me a comment: “It’s clear Attorney General Schmitt has tremendous momentum going into the final days of the campaign. The polls don’t lie. Even Eric Greitens’ own Super PAC has Attorney General Schmitt leading by double digits. Missouri Republican voters have a stark decision to make on Tuesday between a proven conservative fighter who is dismantling Joe Biden’s socialist agenda, a scandalized quitter or a six-term Congresswoman who has accomplished very little except for increasing our national debt and voting for red flag laws. Eric Schmitt has been that fighter as Attorney General and he will take that same fighting spirit to Washington to save America.”- Rich Chrismer

From Engler Park I did the opposite of Sam Hilderbrand and headed north to check in with Rep. Dan Shaul in SD 22. 

  • Dan was out doing doors right up til the rain today. 
  • He estimated that he and his campaign had knocked 600 doors this weekend.

    Rep. Dan Shaul knocking doors. – provided
  • He said that noticed that in the last week and a half a lot of people were making up their minds and the questions he was getting were asking more pointed questions and people were more willing to commit.
  • He told me at the doors that a lot of folks were concerned about the economy and the process of state government. I would reckon folks who are thinking about the economy are in his wheelhouse. 
  • It was the second or third time that he had seen some of these voters. Dan said he had another 100 or so doors he wanted to knock before the election, but pretty much everything was done. 
  • He planned to spend tonight and part of tomorrow preparing signs and getting organized for their polling place effort. 
  • I asked him about the late money that came into the race on his behalf. He said he was honored to have the support of people like the Chamber, but it went to the PAC so he really couldn’t see it or know a lot about it. 

I think this race will be close. I would hate to have been a pollster on this one predicting the turnout model and how the very unique Roorda candidacy will affect it. 

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