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Campaign calls on Bradshaw to come clean about any wage garnishments


New Approach Missouri Statement on Brad Bradshaw’s unpaid tax liens

The following is a statement from Jack Cardetti, spokesman for New Approach Missouri:

“It came as no surprise when it was disclosed yesterday in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that Springfield personal-injury attorney, and the sole funder of Amendment 3, Brad Bradshaw, has unpaid state and federal taxes. It’s simply appalling that Brad Bradshaw wants Missouri patients to pay the highest medical marijuana tax in the country, while at the same time not paying his own taxes.

“The issue underscores many of the problems with Amendment 3, namely that Brad Bradshaw is working out of self-interest, having loaned (with interest) his campaign over $1.5 million to try and make himself Missouri’s medical marijuana czar at the expense of patients. Under Amendment 3, Bradshaw has the audacity to write himself into the Missouri Constitution as the chairman of a new quasi-state agency and research institute, responsible for managing an estimated $66 million annually in taxpayer funds, even as he is clearly irresponsible and negligent in paying his own taxes.

“That’s why veterans, doctors and patient groups like the Epilepsy Foundation of Missouri have all endorsed Amendment 2 instead of Amendment 3.

“Today we call on Brad Bradshaw to come clean about the extent of his tax problems, including if he ever had his wages garnished as part of these tax liens. Missourians deserve to know the truth about someone before writing him into our state constitution.”