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Ferguson: Who to follow on Twitter

The protests and activism surrounding the death of Mike Brown at the hands of a Ferguson police officer created a social media fire that has supplied an amazing amount of information. However, in the whirlwind, the Twitterverse has stirred up some inaccurate information and rumors. Below are some sources to follow if you want to keep up on the Ferguson events and know that you’re getting the most accurate information possible, including several journalists that have been great at posting amazing photography of the protests despite the media blackout. Find their handles and their own descriptions of their feed.

Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal at Ferguson protest yesterday PHOTO CREDIT: Collin Reischman, The Missouri Times
Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal at Ferguson protest yesterday PHOTO CREDIT: Collin Reischman, The Missouri Times

Collin Reischman

The Missouri Time’s managing editor is reporting out of St. Louis this summer and fall. He will be regularly visiting the Ferguson area, as well as reaching out to the legislative movers and shakers of the protests.




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Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal –

Member of the Missouri General Assembly. UCity School Board member. Daughter. Owner of Bart (dog) & Pascal (cat). Eclectic in style. Fly-at-the-mouth. Granola.





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Sen. Jamilah Nasheed –

Missouri State Senate for the 5th District. I am a Fighter & Voice For The Voiceless.




Screenshot 2014-08-13 09.03.31

Tishaura Jones –

Single mom, Treasurer, City of St. Louis. Opinions expressed are my own. RTs are not endorsements.




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Antonio French –

Dad, Husband, Alderman of the@21stWard in St. Louis, founder of@North_Campus, Auburn grad and devoted Auburn Football fan, and@WUSTL MBA candidate (Dec ’14).




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Patricia Bynes –

Democratic Committeewoman of Ferguson Township in St Louis County in MO. A delegate for MO’s 1st Congressional District. My tweets are all mine 🙂

Bynes has been out with protesters each night and has brought many children to their homes who were out late.




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#MikeBrown –

Concerned Young St. Louisans demanding justice for  and Citizens of ! We want to go live! !



Screenshot 2014-08-13 10.51.55David Carson –

St. Louis Post-Dispatch staff photog. Opinions & ideas expressed are mine. RTs ≠ endorsements. Warning sarcastic, trash talking Boston sports fan. Husband & dad




Screenshot 2014-08-13 10.53.23Matt Pearce –

National reporter for the Los Angeles Times. May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.




Screenshot 2014-08-13 08.45.04Casey Nolen –

@ksdknews Multimedia Journalist :@theninenetwork Host for#StayTunedSTL  :#Sochi2014 #Olympics for @ksdknews@USATODAYsports




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Robert Cohen –

Photojournalist, St. Louis Post-Dispatch




Screenshot 2014-08-13 09.02.01

Justin Glawe –

Words @VICE@BlackBalloonPub. Projects: Native child welfare on#SpiritLakeRez . Peoria crime at #StoryOfTheSummer