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Finneran wins Democratic AG primary, will face off with Schmitt in November


Rich Finneran won the Democratic nomination for Missouri attorney general garnering an early lead over opponent Elad Gross in Tuesday’s elections.

Finneran took about 55 percent of the vote during the Aug. 4 primary compared to Gross’ 45 percent. 

“Thanks for the opportunity, Missouri. I was proud to be a candidate for Attorney General,” Gross said on social media, going on to pledge his support for Finneran and thanking his campaign team. “There’s nothing I’ll be able to do in my life to repay you all for what you’ve done for me and for our state. You gave your time, your money, your energy. I promise you I’ll keep fighting to make your dedication worthwhile.”

Finneran will face off against Republican incumbent Attorney General Eric Schmitt in November. Rich Chrismer, a spokesperson for Schmitt’s campaign, blasted Finneran’s stance on police reform in a statement immediately following the election. 

Elad Gross announced his run for Missouri Attorney General.

“Rich Finneran made it clear he would not denounce lawless liberal policies such as defunding the police that would make our communities less safe and our streets more dangerous,” said Chrismer. “Missourians have a clear choice between the law-and-order policies of Attorney General Eric Schmitt and the lawless-liberal policies of Rich Finneran.”

In an interview with The Missouri Times ahead of the primary election, Finneran said: “I do not believe that a wholesale defunding of police departments is likely to solve the problems in our criminal justice system. Instead, we should look at these issues holistically and develop solutions that address the root causes of our problems.”

Gross declared his intention to run nearly a year before Finneran, with The Missouri Times predicting a possible win, but his aggressive campaigning did not secure him the nomination over his opponent. 

Finneran served as an assistant U.S. attorney in St. Louis from 2010 to 2017 and currently teaches at Washington University while working in private practice. He was awarded the Missouri Bar Foundation’s David J. Dixon Appellate Advocacy Award in 2016. 

Gross worked for the state under former Attorney General Chris Koster and currently works as an attorney in St. Louis. 

Finneran reported more than $67,500 on hand before the primaries, with Gross reporting $37,850.