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Fitzpatrick launches Federal COVID-19 Related Funds Transparency Portal


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Treasurer Fitzpatrick today launched the Federal COVID-19 Related Funds Transparency Portal, an expansion of the CARES Act Funds Portal, which will include information related to the American Rescue Plan Act and subsequent funding.

“The CARES Act Funds Portal has been a useful resource for Missourians seeking information about pandemic-related expenditures—and also for our local government leaders,” Treasurer Fitzpatrick said. “I hope this expanded portal will continue to serve as a go-to resource for information about federal funding as well as how state government is using its funds to serve Missourians.”

Visitors to the portal will find the full text of the legislation, a breakdown of funding allocations by state, county, and municipality, as well as other information. As more resources become available, they will be added to the website.

The Federal COVID-19 Related Funds Transparency Portal can be found at