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Former Governor Holden to Write a Column The Missouri Times, Discusses Robbery, Urban Issues

Staff Reports
Jefferson City, MO – Former Missouri Governor Bob Holden will be writing a column for the print publication of The Missouri Times.  Holden is well respected by bob holdenboth sides of the aisle as a public policy expert on many of the important issues facing Missouri and our region.
“We are humbled that Governor Holden accepted our request to be a columnist.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with one of the senior statesmen of our state,” said Scott Faughn Publisher of The Missouri Times.
Holden will be providing his unique perspective on various state, regional, and international issues.  “I am looking forward to highlighting some of the most challenging issues facing our state and region.  I hope to advance the public’s understanding and to help enhance the public debate,” Holden told The Missouri Times.
President of The Missouri Times and former Speaker of the House, Rod Jetton, said that Holden using The Missouri Times as a platform to contribute his thoughts on the state is an honor. “I have a tremendous amount respect for Governor Holden as an expert on many timely public policy issues, he’s a wise, kind, and intelligent man, and his unique insights will be valuable to our readers.”
Gov. Holden is now a professor at Webster University in Saint Louis and is the Founder of the Holden Public Policy Forum, a bi-partisan speaker series hosted at Webster University.
“Governor Holden’s Public Policy Forum’s are an incredible experience for any student interested in government or politics,” said Collin Reischman, reporter for The Missouri Times and recent Webster University Graduate. “Governor Holden’s forums feature nationally known experts with direct access to student questions and thoughts. Any student [at Webster] with an interest in government knows to attend Holden’s forums and take his classes.”
Holden is also the Chairman of the Midwest U.S.-China Association, an organization dedicated to improving Chinese-U.S. relations in the Midwest.
His extensive work with charitable organizations, elected officials, as well as regional and national leaders gives the readers of the The Missouri Times a unique insight into issues and solutions.
The former governor was in the news when it was reported that he was a victim of theft on Washington Avenue in St. Louis after leaving his office at the Old Post office last Wednesday. Holden was approached by a man on the street holding a gas can who asked the Governor for money.
When Governor Holden pulled his money clip out of his pocket to help the man, the unknown man snatched Holden’s money clip and fled the scene.  Holden told the Missouri Times that this was a non-violent crime of opportunity and is not an accurate indicator of safety in the City of St. Louis.  Holden stressed that he doesn’t feel unsafe in downtown Saint Louis, and neither should anyone else, despite the incident.  “I wouldn’t want what happened to me to be perceived as a reflection on downtown Saint Louis as a whole,” Holden said. “That’s just not accurate, it’s just not what the City is like.”
Moreover, Holden believes that this incident should not be used to distract from the real debate on urban crime, its context, causes and proper solutions.  Holden said. “I think St. Louis is as secure as any major metropolitan area, and it is essential that the debate over governance focus on all of the issues facing modern urban areas such as St. Louis including public safety, criminal justice, education, mental health, housing and economics.”
During his interview, Holden said the challenges of improving the City of Saint Louis aren’t easy ones, but that Mayor Slay has done a good job.
Holden has made no commitment to endorse a particular candidate in the race between Reed and Slay. The former Governor has invited Mayor Francis Slay and President of the Board of Alderman Louis Reed to participate in one his Webster University forums. The details of the event are currently being discussed.
Holden’s first column will debut in the Monday January 28th edition of The Missouri Times.