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Haefner: It’s my duty to ask for Governor Greitens to resign immediately and allow Missouri to move on


From Rep. Marsha Haefner:

“What someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” May Angelo

When a man cheats on his wife, it’s a family matter. When the Governor of Missouri cheats, then allegations of victimizing his mistress, blackmail, bribes and his taxpayer-funded employee involves herself in questioning the attorney for the accuser follow, it becomes a state matter. This is the situation we find ourselves in today. I find no pleasure in saying this, but I believe Governor Greitens is no longer fit to hold Missouri’s highest office.

Questions about the ethics of his conduct have plagued the Governor for over a year now. The “dark money” and an investigation for the possible breech of Sunshine Laws regarding the practice of destroying texts are troubling, at best. Now there is the criminal investigation in St. Louis. He no longer has the trust and support of many in the legislature. We have to work as a team to accomplish what citizens expect us to do, but our leader is now ineffective. Missourians deserve better. There is too much at stake.

Eric Greitens was elected Governor based on campaign promises of ethics, transparency, family values and ridding our state of ‘corrupt politicians’ who stood in the way of moving Missouri forward. He’s attacked good people to elevate his status while taking credit for the work of others. And now we’re faced with this embarrassing situation. In a letter he wrote two years ago, he stated it’s ‘our duty to kill the snakes.’ As a public servant, it’s my duty to ask for Governor Greitens to resign immediately and allow Missouri to move on, move forward and get back to work.