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Here are the medical marijuana testing facilities approved by DHSS

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The Department of Health and Senior Service (DHSS) has approved 10 medical marijuana testing facilities. 

“Because laboratory facilities will be required to work hand-in-hand with our other licensed facilities and they play an important role in the safety of this program, we opted to license 10 of these facilities to ensure Missouri patients have access to the best medical marijuana products available,” Lyndall Fraker, director of the DHSS Section for Medical Marijuana Regulation, said in a statement. 

The approved facilities are: 

  • Botannis Labs Mo. Corp; Springfield
  • GCA, Inc.; Herculaneum 
  • EKG Life Science Solutions, LLC; St. Louis
  • Farma Laboratories LLC; Platte City
  • Inovatia AgriTesting Services, LLC; Fayette
  • Green Orchard Labs, LLC; Chillicothe 
  • ClearWater Science LLC; Kingdom City
  • ContiCorp LLC; Galena
  • Green Hills Labs, LLC; Moscow Mills
  • Cloud TEN, LLC; St. Louis

In total, the state received 17 applications for testing facilities. Per the constitutional amendment approved by voters in 2018, applications had to be approved or denied within 150 days of submission.

Testing facilities are responsible for verifying levels of THC in products for patients and screening for any foreign matter or dangerous bacteria.