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Kinder ‘committed to right-to-work’

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder sent an official email update today pledging to continue to support for right-to-work.


“Like the thousands of supporters of the measure across the state, I was disappointed with this outcome, but I remain committed to making Missouri the 26th right to work state in the nation,” read the email. “Right to work is a necessary first step to jump start Missouri’s lagging economy. Until we enact this vital legislation, Missouri will continue to lose new factories and the jobs and revenue they bring to nearby states like Indiana, Kansas, Tennessee and Arkansas.”

Kinder’s email highlighted the 10 bills the General Assembly overrode, including the “bag bill” and the unemployment benefit bill.

The email also asked for nominations for the Veterans Service Award, which can be submitted here

Kinder is running for governor in 2016, but the above referenced email was not sent from the campaign account.