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Letter to the Editor: Blunt fighting for local communities

Rep. Danny Busick (PROVIDED).

Have you noticed that DirecTV and satellite TV customers in some parts of my district can’t get access to our local TV channels and instead get other areas’ local news? Actually, “can’t” isn’t the right word.  The satellite companies won’t allow it even though they easily could. By denying us local broadcast TV channels, the companies collect a subsidy from the federal government.  Sounds bizarre, right?  But that’s the reality under an old law called STELAR — the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act Reauthorization.

Thankfully, Senator Blunt is leading the charge in Congress to allow this law to sunset as intended at the end of this year. If Congress refuses to reauthorize STELAR, Northeast Missouri families and businesses will finally get access to local channels, allowing everyone to stay up to date on community news, weather, emergency information and events.

My thanks to Senator Blunt for putting the interests of his constituents ahead of big satellite company profits. Missouri’s 3rd legislative district is thankful.

— Representative Danny Busick, District 03