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Missouri Rising releasing first TV ad in support of tort reform

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri Rising, a political promotion group focused on promoting conservative issues and bringing them to the forefront in Missouri, is releasing their first ever TV ad.

This ad campaign, carrying a six-figure price tag, will be released in the St. Louis and Columbia/Jefferson City media markets, as well as Facebook and other social media platforms, starting on Friday morning.

“We’ll be targeting it on Facebook so that highly-motivated conservatives see it in their feed.” Jeremy Adler, a member of the Missouri Rising team, said. “We think that will encourage them to contact their legislator & create a groundswell behind the legislation.”

Missouri Rising and supporters of tort reform argue that trial lawyers are attacking Missouri companies and destroying jobs with frivolous lawsuits.

St. Louis’ judicial system is known to be one of the worst in the country in regards to the protection of businesses, as was stated in a report issued in December by the American Tort Reform Association.

“Trial lawyers are taking advantage of Missouri’s legal system to attack our state’s companies and destroy jobs with frivolous lawsuits,” Brian Rogers, Executive Director of Missouri Rising, said. “It is past time to take on the special interest power of the trial lawyers with legal reform that levels the playing field for Missouri’s job creators.”

Over the next few days, the group will continue focusing on tort reform, releasing detailed research reports about the importance of passing legislation and continuing to target the State Capitol with pro-tort reform ads.

Missouri Rising says that in the last election, the citizens of Missouri showed that they wanted change in the state, but because of the interconnected trial lawyer system, the people of the state and the cities are suffering every day because of it. The team at Missouri Rising hope the campaign will bring additional attention to the issue and lead to the passage of more tort reform legislation.