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Mitch Boggs announces bid to represent Lawrence County in state house


General Contractor, entrepreneur, farmer, and firefighter Mitch Boggs has announced his candidacy for State Representative of House District 157, comprised of Lawrence County. The district is currently represented by Mike Moon, who is term limited and cannot run again.

“I was raised to believe in the promise of America, that with hard work and determination, everyone is able to succeed,” said Mitch, “I am running to help advance President Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda at the state level. Like many of my neighbors, I am tired of having bureaucrats and politicians try to dictate what our way of life should be. I think a rural district like ours needs a representative who understands the everyday struggles of our community.”

Mitch Boggs is a lifelong resident of Lawrence County, having been born and raised in the county. Growing up, Mitch worked alongside his father building barns for local farmers, a homegrown business still going strong. He continues this tradition with his own sons and son-in-law, while also performing farm jobs around the county, including baling, custom harvesting, and occasionally working with horses and cattle. Mitch serves his community on the Avilla Fire Department board and also works as a firefighter, and was recently elected to the Vineyard Road District. Mitch is known locally for his hard work, cowboy hat and patriotic boots stitched with a “Make America Great Again” theme.

“I was taught the values of hard work from a young age, and of the importance of giving back to the community. I have worked to impart these values onto my own children, and I continue to look for ways that I can help out. I see this as an opportunity to give our rural community a strong voice in Jefferson City, and as a way to help protect our Constitutional rights that we hold dear as Americans and as Missourians.” 

Mitch and his family have strong roots in Lawrence County. He and his wife of 28 years, Lynn, have raised eight children in Lawrence County: their daughter Karena and their sons Stetson, Laredo, Baily, Colten, Cinch, Roper, and Cash. Mitch is the proud grandfather of 8 grandchildren and is hoping for even more in the future. The family attends Stone Bible Chapel, a country church that was started by Mitch’s grandparents.

Among Mitch’s legislative priorities include keeping government small to ensure that it works best for the people. He desires to cut burdensome regulations on Missouri families. Mitch also states that he wants to protect the right to life and Missourians’ right to bear arms.

“Most importantly, I want to see our rural values represented,” said Mitch, “I want to have a government that works for everybody, and that treats everyone, young and old, rich and poor, alike before the law.”

Mitch has retained Axiom Strategies to consult on his campaign.