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Parson honors veterans at Missouri State Fair

SEDALIA, Mo. – Speaking at the Missouri State Fair, Lt. Gov. Mike Parson honored veterans before a crowd of over a thousand on Military Appreciation Day. He applauded veterans for their service, yet lamented that they are not recognized as much as he feels they deserve.

“Sadly, there have been times in our nation’s history where our service members have been treated less than they deserve. I am here to tell you today, on behalf of our state, never again. Never again will we turn our backs on our veterans. If you have served this nation in any conflict, know Missourians will always have your back,” Lieutenant Governor Parson said.

In his speech, he mentioned how the military influenced him personally and professionally. “I would not be the person I am today without my service in the United States Army, and one of the great parts of my job is I get to advocate for the veterans of our state,” he said.  One of the ways he advocates for his fellow service members was through Show Me Heroes, a social outreach program for veterans aimed at providing well-paying jobs at veteran friendly businesses.

He also mentioned that he was, “advocating from my office for more access to hometown healthcare so veterans can have the choice of where they receive their healthcare.”

Lastly, he spoke about how he wanted to teach future generations about the lessons he and other service members in the military. “It is our time to pass down to the next generation what our parents and grandparents and our forefathers have passed down to us. We must teach the next generation the meaning of the words like honor, freedom, integrity, and respect,” he said.