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Press Release: JCPD prepares for NAACP march

jefferson city police department


To: All News Media
Contact Person: Captain Shoemaker
Subject: NAACP March
Date: 12-01-2014



The NAACP has begun a march from Ferguson Missouri to Jefferson City, culminating at the Governor’s Mansion and the Missouri State Capitol later this week.


Because the march is focused on the above locations, the Missouri State Highway Patrol will be the primary law enforcement agency in charge of security for the event, with the cooperation of the Jefferson City Police Department, the Cole County Sheriff’s Department, the Missouri Capitol Police, and the Lincoln University Police Department.  All agencies are committed to working together in doing our part to make the event safe for those participating in the march as well as the residents of our community.


To date, despite media reports or rumors to the contrary, there has been no information received by law enforcement that this is anything but a peaceful march by members of the NAACP.  All area law enforcement agencies will continue, however, to diligently gather information and react appropriately and lawfully to any potential negative or threatening issue that may arise.  As an integral part of the community, we are well aware of the holiday events planned for this weekend downtown and we are dedicated to doing our part in ensuring those events go as anticipated.


The exact dates and times of the arrival of the march into Jefferson City are not yet known, but preliminary information indicates that the march will not interfere logistically with any downtown event, again based on the information we’ve been provided to date.  We are continuing to communicate with our local NAACP chapter, and based on our long established good relationship and work together, we expect this event to follow in that same positive and peaceful manner.


The Missouri State Highway Patrol will take the primary media relations duties for this event, so further inquiries may be directed to them.