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Press Release: Local Cardiologist Dr. John Best Announces Candidacy for Missouri State Representative in the 128th District

BOLIVAR, MO  – Dr. John Best, a respected Interventional Cardiologist and dedicated community member, has officially declared his candidacy for Missouri State Representative in the 128th District. With an extensive background in healthcare, a lifetime of community service, and a passion for addressing critical issues in rural communities, Dr. Best aims to bring his expertise and commitment to the state legislature.

Dr. Best, married for 17 years to Traci Busenbark-Best and proud father of three children and three grandchildren, has a proven track record of service to the community. He served as the Mayor of Bolivar from 2011 to 2017, demonstrating his ability to lead with integrity and dedication. As Mayor Dr. Best worked to fund critical services including law enforcement and public safety without raising taxes. Additionally, he served as the Polk County 911 Chairman during the same period and has been actively involved as the Special Road District Chairman since 2018. Dr. Best is also the founder and chairman of the Friends of Bolivar Parks, where he works to enhance the community’s quality of life for the citizens of Bolivar.

Reflecting on his candidacy, Dr. Best states, “Missouri deserves representatives who are dedicated to the values of hard work, family, and community. I am committed to championing these values and ensuring a brighter future for our great state. Together, we can build a Missouri that works for everyone.”

Driven by a passion for achieving real results, Dr. Best’s campaign focuses on key issues that directly impact the citizens of Missouri. He is deeply committed to addressing the lack access to broadband internet in rural communities. Dr. Best understands the importance of affordable healthcare and intends to work towards making quality healthcare accessible to all Missourians. He is dedicated to strengthening 911 emergency services, ensuring swift and efficient responses during critical moments.

Dr. Best believes in providing a quality education and equal opportunities for every child, regardless of their zip code. He is dedicated to ensuring that all Missouri children have access to great school systems that prepare them for a successful future. Dr. Best believes our state would benefit by increased investments in vocational and technical education working to develop “career ready” students straight out of high school.

Addressing the state’s infrastructure needs, Dr. Best stands firm in his belief that fiscal responsibility is key. He advocates for streamlining government processes, cutting waste, fraud, and abuse, all while focusing on meeting the core needs of Missouri citizens. Dr. Best is committed to investing in the state’s infrastructure without burdening taxpayers with additional financial strain through higher taxes.

Traci Busenbark-Best, Dr. Best’s wife, expressed her support, saying, “I have seen John’s unwavering dedication to our family and community and his commitment to making a positive difference. I am confident that he will bring the same passion and determination to the state legislature.”

As an Interventional Cardiologist, former Mayor of Bolivar, and a dedicated public servant Dr. Best is committed to addressing critical issues that impact the citizens of Missouri. He is a devoted family man, sharing rural conservative values, and is determined to bring positive representation to the 128th District. “I believe in the power of faith, family, and hard work to shape a prosperous future for the state,” Best said. “I will be a strong conservative voice focused on achieving real results for our families.

Dr. Best has retained Victory Enterprises as consultants on his campaign.